Thank you. It isn't over.

Thank you. If you are one of the hundreds of Vermont voters who have each contributed from $1 to $50, adding up to thousands of dollars to my campaign for Lieutenant Governor. You made it clear to me that you want to see a change in the way we do politics and in the way we do business. 

Despite your courage and commitment we fell short of collecting enough contributions from Vermont voters to qualify for public campaign financing by today's deadline. I am proud that we made the attempt and brought the idea to pursue public financing into the political conversation three months ago. You have helped spread the word to a whole new generation of Vermonters about public financing and how it works.

I have decided not to run for Lt. Governor this year. A statewide campaign would require me to spend more time asking for money than having important conversations with Vermonters about the economic realities we face. 

The issues that matter to you still matter to me: economic security, stewardship of the environment, taxes, accountability and, above all else, how wonderful it is to be part of this great state. These valuable conversations will continue to inform everything I do and I intend to keep working for a better future for all of us. 

Vermont’s future is bright. I have never been more hopeful.  We are well on our way to becoming the first state in the union to have universal, publicly funded health care.  Our schools are some of the best around, our working landscape the most beautiful. 

We still need to make our economy work for working people. We still need to make it easier for Vermonters to invest in Vermont businesses. We must find ways to take money off of Wall Street and invest it on Main Street.

I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had over the past three months to campaign as the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, an opportunity you helped make happen. Thank you for your faith in me and your belief in the need for campaign funding transparency. 

Thank you for your vision and for caring about the future of Vermont. I will still work for a brighter future and I hope we can work together.


John Bauer

In many respects, Vermont is ahead of the American curve, but we can do more. There are many ideas and voices with solutions that should be considered.
— John Bauer